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  • Nail Picks

    Size: 9x8.7x5.1 cm, appro.
    18pcs in a Clear PVC box.
    100 Sets / 54.5x19.5x55 cm =0.058 CBM
    G.w.: 6kgs N.w.: 4Kgs.

  • Chewed Gum Magnets

    Size: 13.5x10.8x1.1 cm, appro.
    4pcs in a Blister Card.
    Material: Soft EVA.
    200PCS / 37x28x44 cm =0.046 CBM
    G.w.: 7.5kgs N.w.: 6Kgs.

  • Tin Lid Cup Top

    Dia Size: 9 cm, appro.
    Material: Silicon.
    360PCS / 60x40x50 cm =0.120 CBM
    G.w.: 16.5kgs N.w.: 15kgs.

  • Tape Line Roll

    Size: 4.6x3x1 cm, appro.
    Material: Plastic PVC.
    600PCS / 60x40x50 cm =0.120 CBM
    G.w.: 16kgs N.w.: 14kgs.

  • Mini Keyboard Light

    Size: 2.5x2.5x2.3 cm, appro.
    Material: Plastic PS.
    160PCS / 34x27x25 cm =0.023 CBM
    G.w.: 5.0 kgs N.w.: 4.0 kgs.

  • Drink Dispenser

    Size: 17.5x16.5x10.3 cm, appro.
    Material: Plastic ABS +Rubber.
    48PCS / 54x36x49 cm =0.095 CBM
    G.w.: 6kgs N.w.: 4kgs.

  • Massage Cushion

    Massage Cushion - Ring, 28x24.5cm, appro.
    12PCS / 73.5x48x56 cm =0.198 CBM
    Massage Cushion - Square, 32x21.5cm, appro.
    12PCS/ 86x35x64.5 cm = 0.194

  • Pan Clock

    Material: Plastic ABS.
    Item Size: 22x20x8.5 cm, appro.
    24PCS / 55x42.5x45 cm =0.105 CBM

  • Tire Mini Fan

    Item Size: 12x7x7 cm, appro.
    72PCS / 63x45x61 cm =0.173 CBM

  • UV Mirror

    Item Size: 9.6x7x0.5 cm, appro.
    280PCS / 50x20x30 cm =0.03 CBM
    G.w.: 15kgs N.w.: 14kgs.

  • Melted Chocolate Door Stopper

    Size: 16x8 cm, appro.
    Material: Silicon.
    312PCS / 60x40x50 cm =0.120 CBM
    G.w.: 21kgs N.w.: 19kgs.

  • Bath Clock

    Sucktion Dia: 15cm, appro.
    Clock Dia: 9 cm, appro.
    Material: Plastic PS+PVC.

  • Phone Calculator

    Item Size: 11x6.2x1cm, appro.
    Material: Plastic ABS.
    200PCS / 37x31x27 cm =0.031 CBM
    G.w.: 13 kgs N.w.: 11 kgs.

  • ice tray

    Material: Plastic TPR.
    150PCS / 60x43x38 cm =0.098 CBM
    G.w.: 10 kgs N.w.: 8 kgs.

  • Lavabo Storage

    Size : 8.4x8x6 cm, appro.
    Material: Plastic PP + Magnet.
    200PCS / 58x48.5x46 cm =0.129 CBM
    G.w.: 19.5 kgs N.w.: 18.5 kgs.

  • Alarm Chick Clock

    Material: Plastic ABS.
    50PCS / 64x36x41 cm =0.094 CBM
    G.w.: 15 kgs N.w.: 13 kgs.

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